Just Foods

RAFI’s Just Foods Program promotes a more sustainable food and fiber system both nationally and internationally. Michael Sligh, a long-time activi
st and farmer who has spent his career advancing the sustainable agriculture movement, leads the program.Just Foods takes a multi-pronged approach to the issues at hand, leveraging relationships, partnerships and coalitions to achieve greater results. Through research, analysis, education, advocacy and coalition-building we:

  • Educate farmers and consumers about the importance of agricultural biodiversity
  • Emphasize how genetically engineered or modified foods could jeopardize long-term food security and farmers’ livelihoods
  • Evaluate new technology based on economic viability, environmental soundness and social justice
  • Work to ensure and expand farmer, business and consumer choice of more diverse and improved public seed variety options
  • Develop and expand production, marketing and research opportunities for sustainable and organic farmers
  • Promote federal policies that will support and strengthen sustainable agriculture

Current Projects

Seeds & Breeds for 21st Century Agriculture

Protecting genetic diversity in agriculture is essential to the viability of family farms. We advocate for classical breeding programs and support publicly held seeds and breeds. 

Breeding for Organic Production Systems (BOPS)

The BOPS coalition connects organic farmers and breeders around the Southeast. By bringing farmers and BOPS breeders together, they can inform each other and better understand the challenges faced in using organic seed in the Southeast.

Organic Integrity

RAFI has been at the forefront of the organic movement for decades and continues to defend organic integrity. We develop and promote practical strategies to preserve organic integrity by closely collaborating with the National Organic Coalition on public policy initiatives and through our work with the National Organic Action Plan.

Agricultural Justice Project

RAFI is a co-founder and project partner of the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP). AJP’s Food Justice Certified label launched with RAFI’s support in 2011. The label sets rigorous standards for the respectful treatment of farmworkers, living wages, safe working conditions and collective bargaining rights.