News: Fracking & Landowner Rights

Press Release: McCrory Administration Could Force Fracking on Hundreds (4/14/2016) - A North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality study released in November 2015 recommends a 60 percent forced pooling threshold and claims the State currently has authority to force pool landowners at much lower thresholds.
Recording of Oil and Gas Leasing in North Carolina Webinar (8/31/2015) - In recent years, some North Carolina landowners have been presented with the opportunity to sign oil and gas leases, which would give oil and gas companies the right to conduct hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in North Carolina. At the same time, North Carolina lawmakers have debated the merits of an active oil and gas industry in North Carolina, […]
Action Alert: Ban Forced Pooling in NC (4/14/2015) - NC Residents:  Please ask you legislators to support HB 586 The North Carolina House will begin debating HB 586 this week. The bill would ban forced pooling in North Carolina and take additional steps to protect landowners from unwanted activity on their property. Forced pooling, known as “compulsory pooling” in North Carolina, gives states the […]
NCGA Members Lift Fracking Moratorium (3/17/2015) - As per SB 786, which passed in 2014, regulations developed by the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) to govern natural gas development through hydraulic fracturing go into effect today, ending North Carolina’s moratorium on fracking permits. The door is now open for oil and gas companies to bring permit applications to the NC […]
NCDENR Final Fracking Regulations Do Not Adequately Protect North Carolina (11/25/2014) - Since 2011, North Carolina has engaged in a legislative and administrative process designed to establish a system of governance for natural gas development, known as fracking. During this process, North Carolina officials studied the issues, heard expert testimony, reviewed BMPs from other states, and heard concerns from citizens and community groups. On November 14th, the […]
NCDENR NC Mining & Energy Commission Releases “Hearing Officers’ Report” on Draft Fracking Rules (11/6/2014) - Yesterday, the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) released the Hearing Officers’ Report written in response to public comments on MEC draft fracking rules. (Scroll down to download or read the report.) A few of the proposed changes strengthen the rule set, especially those requiring Surface Use Agreements for any proposed drilling unit application. […]
Action Alert: NC Fracking Rules Comment Period Opens (7/23/2014) - July 2014 Dear  Friends, Earlier this summer, the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) completed the drafting of hydraulic fracturing rules. It is critical that MEC members hear from landowners and other North Carolinians with their thoughts and comments on the draft rules. Comments will be accepted between July 15 and September 15, 2014. […]
Action Alert: NC General Assembly and Governor Fast-track Fracking (6/6/2014) - Expired Action Alert June 2014 – Thank you for taking action last week against SB 786, also known as the Energy Modernization Act. Unfortunately, the General Assembly voted to fast-track fracking. Wednesday this week, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed SB 786 into law. Included in S786 is a provision that pre-approves Mining and Energy […]
Action Alert: NC Legislators Take Reckless Step Toward Fracking (SB 786) (5/22/2014) - Once again, North Carolina legislators are trying to move North Carolina closer to fracking by pre-approving rules written by the Mining and Energy Commission. Take action now!
Lee County homeowners fight fracking (3/24/2014) - A radio story for Carolina Connection highlights how mineral rights leases are obtained by gas companies, which can put a drill on someone's land without the landowner's consent.
Landowner Workshop Dec. 14 in Sanford (12/2/2013) - On Dec. 14, RAFI is co-sponsoring a workshop in Sanford, NC, for landowners who have leased their land, those considering a lease and anyone concerned about landowner rights and the impacts of natural gas and hydrofracking.
Hydraulic Fracturing: Where are we Now? (Presentation) (9/13/2013) - Because of the NC’s compulsory pooling law, RAFI and other advocates were concerned about the potential threats to landowner rights. The “Hydraulic Fracturing: Where Are We Now?,” presentation embedded below provides a brief overview of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, as well as in-depth analysis of compulsory pooling. The presentation was authored by RAFI Research & […]
UPDATED GRAPHIC: What does Compulsory Pooling mean? (9/11/2013) - Even with a 90% threshold of consent for drilling, more than half of area landowners could be pooled against their will.

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