Meeting the Demand for Pastured Poultry with Sustainable Rotational Grazing
To meet the growing consumer demand for antibiotic- and hormone-free meat raised on pasture, Harold Wright plans to expand his pastured poultry production. [...]
Hydroponic Fodder Production for Laying Hens
Farm: Massey Creek Farm Operator: Garland McCollum Production: Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs Location: Madison, Rockingham County, NC Garland McCollum is [...]
On-Farm Poultry Processing Increases Access to Fresh Meat
Farm Name: Parker Family Farms Operator: Randall and Renee Parker Production: Livestock (poultry) Markets: Farmer’s Markets and Buying Club [...]
Cypress Hall Farms Poultry Equipment
Farm: Cypress Hall Farms Operator: Robert Elliott Production: Livestock, Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Rabbits, and Pigs Location:Louisburg, Franklin County, [...]
Shavings for Poultry Farms
Steve hopes to build his own sawmill for the specific purpose of milling waste pulpwood and packaging and selling the shavings to area poultry farmers.