Sheep Traceability from Farm Gate to Your Plate
The goal of the Sun-Raised Farms collaborative project is to enhance their lamb quality and yield. Their specific objective is to identify breeds that both [...]
Sustainable Agriculture Tool Lending Library
This group of young farmers has built an equipment lending library that will allow its members to expand their farming operations without adding the [...]
Building a Methane Digester
Tucker and Mackenzie Withington own Lilly Den Farm, a mixed livestock operation. Through first-hand experience, Tucker knows that there is a significant [...]
Customizing a Grain Mill for Local Flour Production
Danny Cowan and George Allen operate Red Tail Grains. With their expertise in small scale farming, they are producing high quality, whole grains for the [...]
Shrimp Production in a Closed-loop System with Biofloc Technology
Dr. Rachel Tinker-Kulberg is a professional researcher in plant biology and has acted as a scientific consultant on several small-scale aquaponic [...]
Passive Watering System For Livestock
Bluebird Farm received a grant in 2011 to implement a passive watering system, allowing the farm to expand pastured livestock production and enhance its [...]
Expansion of Specialty Crops (Asparagus) & Mobile Refrigeration
Martha Mobley raises beef cattle, goats, sheep, and organic vegetables for direct market sale. Martha is the third generation to farm at Leonard Farm and [...]
Dairy Farmer Builds New Micro-Bottling Plant
Ran-Lew Dairy received a grant to begin producing value-added products on his family's dairy. Through his project, he was able to begin producing bottled [...]
Carolina Gold Oil Company
R Britt Farms produces livestock and various commodity crops. In order to expand the farm operation and keep it profitable, Lee Britt, owner and operator, [...]
Poultry Processing Facility
Sammy and Melinda Koeningsburg have an organic diversified farm business. They have specialized in small-scale organic poultry production for the past 15 [...]
Raising Muscovy Ducks for Meat and Pest Management
David and Linda Spain raise Muscovy ducks, an alternative to conventional meats that are marketed to restaurants and through the farmers market. In [...]
Poultry and Swine Feed with Black Fly Larvae
Farm: Minka Farm Operator: Kim Harry Production: Livestock (Ducks, hogs, cattle), Produce Location:Efland, Orange County, NC Kim Harry’s project is [...]