Organic Transition

Organic Vegetables Project
Operator: Homer Marshall Production: Vegetables Location: Clinton, Sampson County, NC Homer Marshall is working on establishing better a production and [...]
Hydroponic Fodder Production for Laying Hens
Farm: Massey Creek Farm Operator: Garland McCollum Production: Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs Location: Madison, Rockingham County, NC Garland McCollum is [...]
New Generation Farm
Farm: New Generation Farm Operator: Curtis Cummings Production: Organic produce Location:Clinton, Sampson County, NC Curtis Cummings’ project is to improve [...]
Mushroom Compost, Cover Crops, and Bio-Degradable Mulch Film
Farm: Double T Farm Operator: Thomas Kumpf Production: Organic vegetables Location: Garner, Wake County, NC Thomas Kumpf’s project entails expanding [...]
Goat Lady Community Supported Agriculture
Farm: Tate Family Farm Operator: Steve Tate Production: Goat dairy Markets: Farmer’s Market and CSA Location: Climax, Randolph County, NC The Tate [...]
Heated Greenhouse for Year-round Production
Farm: Herr Flower Farm Operator: Jefferson Herr Production: Cut flowers, specialty vegetables Location: Vale, Lincoln County, NC Dazzling snapdragons, [...]
Rural Community-Owned Produce Cooperative
Meredith McKissick of Foothills Family Farms wants to strengthen the rural communities in rural western North Carolina by creating a farmer, craftsmen, and [...]