Building an Organic Small Grain Operation
Ben Haines and his father Kenny Haines manage Looking Back Farms in eastern North Carolina. They are among the few (and the proud) farmers in the state [...]
Fifth-Generation Farmer Renovates Historic Grist Mill
A fifth generation cotton farmer, Butch Byrum lives and farms near the town of Edenton on the North Carolina coast. The fields of his family’s farm stretch [...]
Young Farmer Transitions from Tobacco to Organic Produce
Matthew Garrett is slowly transitioning a tobacco farm into an organic, diversified family farm. He has been expanding his operation over the last three [...]
Hogs Grown “On The Ground” Without GMOs
In North Carolina, hog farming is one of the largest agricultural industries. Conventionally grown hogs are raised on concrete as a way to increase feed [...]
Barn Roof Water Collector & Dairy Parlor Wash Down
Suzanne Nelson’s Haw River Ranch is a diversified farm that produces dairy products, meats, fresh produce, and eggs. According to Suzanne, the farm is one [...]
Reedy Fork Farm: Organic Feed Production
Reedy Fork Farm started producing organic milk in 2006 as a way to save the sixth-generation family farm. Today, the family-owned farm also cultivates and [...]
Silvopasture In The Sandhills
Jason Smith and Sarah Daly describe their project on Fox Squirrel Farm as creating a silvopasture system for raising crops and livestock. He and his wife [...]
Spreading the Knowledge of Making Good Chevre
OakMoon Farm is a 12-acre dairy goat operation. The last dairy in its rural North Carolina county, it was started in 1998 by a couple who hoped to one day [...]
Poultry and Swine Feed with Black Fly Larvae
Farm: Minka Farm Operator: Kim Harry Production: Livestock (Ducks, hogs, cattle), Produce Location:Efland, Orange County, NC Kim Harry’s project is [...]
Poultry Processing Facility
Sammy and Melinda Koeningsburg have an organic diversified farm business. They have specialized in small-scale organic poultry production for the past 15 [...]
Rotational Grazing for Retail Beef
Will and Jeff Thomas will upgrade their operation by creating a rotational grazing system which will allow them to increase the weight gain on their beef [...]
Raising Muscovy Ducks for Meat and Pest Management
David and Linda Spain raise Muscovy ducks, an alternative to conventional meats that are marketed to restaurants and through the farmers market. In [...]