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Scaling Up: Retrofitting Retired Farm Equipment to Increase the Profitability of Pastured Poultry
Farmer/Farm Name: Chas Edens, Edens Meats, LLC About the Farm: Edens Meats is a third year farming operation on 48 acres in Cedar Grove, NC. Charles Edens [...]
Passive Watering System For Livestock
Bluebird Farm received a grant in 2011 to implement a passive watering system, allowing the farm to expand pastured livestock production and enhance its [...]
Poultry Processing Facility
Sammy and Melinda Koeningsburg have an organic diversified farm business. They have specialized in small-scale organic poultry production for the past 15 [...]
Raising Muscovy Ducks for Meat and Pest Management
David and Linda Spain raise Muscovy ducks, an alternative to conventional meats that are marketed to restaurants and through the farmers market. In [...]
Poultry and Swine Feed with Black Fly Larvae
Farm: Minka Farm Operator: Kim Harry Production: Livestock (Ducks, hogs, cattle), Produce Location:Efland, Orange County, NC Kim Harry’s project is [...]
On-Farm Poultry Processing Increases Access to Fresh Meat
Farm Name: Parker Family Farms Operator: Randall and Renee Parker Production: Livestock (poultry) Markets: Farmer’s Markets and Buying Club [...]
Meeting the Demand for Pastured Poultry with Sustainable Rotational Grazing
To meet the growing consumer demand for antibiotic- and hormone-free meat raised on pasture, Harold Wright plans to expand his pastured poultry production. [...]
Hydroponic Fodder Production for Laying Hens
Farm: Massey Creek Farm Operator: Garland McCollum Production: Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs Location: Madison, Rockingham County, NC Garland McCollum is [...]
Cypress Hall Farms Poultry Equipment
Farm: Cypress Hall Farms Operator: Robert Elliott Production: Livestock, Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Rabbits, and Pigs Location:Louisburg, Franklin County, [...]
Shavings for Poultry Farms
Steve hopes to build his own sawmill for the specific purpose of milling waste pulpwood and packaging and selling the shavings to area poultry farmers.