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Mushroom Production In A Shipping Container
Ches Stewart operates Haw River Mushrooms. As a young operation, the farm lacked the proper infrastructure to increase yield and variety of mushrooms that [...]
Infrastructure for Mushroom Production
Ann Gayden is a shiitake and oyster producer. Her mushrooms are “forest farmed” (grown on logs), and she typically sells to consumers within a 60-mile [...]
Cooperative Mushroom Fruiting Facility
A group of farmers have designed a mushroom production facility. They also cooperatively market their products.
Intercropping with Oyster Mushrooms
Granite Springs Farm is operated by Meredith Leight. She began intercropping oyster mushrooms with ginger, tomatoes, and other vegetable crops in a [...]
Growing Mushrooms with Geothermal Energy
Charles Southard grows portobello mushrooms with a geothermal heating and cooling system in an old storage space previously used for tobacco. He hopes that [...]