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Aquaponics in an Old Tobacco Greenhouse
The Worley Family Farm is seven generations strong with a long past of growing tobacco and other cash crops. They now grow hydroponically in a closed-loop [...]
Hydroponic Lettuce In A Hog Barn
Ed Ange is a hydroponic farmer producing lettuces in a retrofitted ‘hog barn.’ Formerly a commercial livestock operator, he diversified his farm by [...]
Hydroponic Lettuce System
Operators: R. Garden and Julia McKeon Production: Vegetables, Leafy Greens, Hydroponics Location: New Bern, Craven County, NC Garden and McKeon retrofitted [...]
Hydroponic Fodder Production for Laying Hens
Farm: Massey Creek Farm Operator: Garland McCollum Production: Vegetables, Poultry, Eggs Location: Madison, Rockingham County, NC Garland McCollum is [...]