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Parasite Preventative Forage Solutions for Rotational Goat Grazing
Prodigal Farm is owned and operated by Kat Spann and David Krabbe. The farm raises and milks goats to produce artisanal soft and hard cheeses that have won [...]
Sprouting Grain as an Alternative Feed for Goats
Hulan Johnston grows sprouted grain for an alternative feed for his goats in a low-input, low-energy system.
Spreading the Knowledge of Making Good Chevre
OakMoon Farm is a 12-acre dairy goat operation. The last dairy in its rural North Carolina county, it was started in 1998 by a couple who hoped to one day [...]
From Poultry Barracks to Goat Haven
Kay Doby raises Boer goats. Kay retrofitted an empty poultry house on her farm and created a goat barn for kidding, feeding, and housing the goats and for [...]
Goat Lady Community Supported Agriculture
Farm: Tate Family Farm Operator: Steve Tate Production: Goat dairy Markets: Farmer’s Market and CSA Location: Climax, Randolph County, NC The Tate [...]
Cheese Cave
Bosky Acres sells artisan goat cheeses to consumers in the Charlotte metro area. They built a sustainably designed cheese cave for aging their products, [...]