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Dairy Farmer Builds New Micro-Bottling Plant
Ran-Lew Dairy received a grant to begin producing value-added products on his family's dairy. Through his project, he was able to begin producing bottled [...]
Reinventing a Fourth Generation Dairy
Lindley Farms Creamery was awarded a grant in 2012 to start a new cheese-making operation and an on-farm mozzarella cheesecake business.
Barn Roof Water Collector & Dairy Parlor Wash Down
Suzanne Nelson’s Haw River Ranch is a diversified farm that produces dairy products, meats, fresh produce, and eggs. According to Suzanne, the farm is one [...]
Spreading the Knowledge of Making Good Chevre
OakMoon Farm is a 12-acre dairy goat operation. The last dairy in its rural North Carolina county, it was started in 1998 by a couple who hoped to one day [...]
Micro-Bottling Project at Marvic Dairy
In 2012, Mark Williams received a grant to assist him with bottling his dairy’s milk and producing drinkable yogurt.
Embryo Transfer
Greg Crouse demonstrates how a dairy farmer can create a separate income stream from the sale of embryos. This will help farmers maintain their herds and [...]
Goat Lady Community Supported Agriculture
Farm: Tate Family Farm Operator: Steve Tate Production: Goat dairy Markets: Farmer’s Market and CSA Location: Climax, Randolph County, NC The Tate [...]
Cheese Cave
Bosky Acres sells artisan goat cheeses to consumers in the Charlotte metro area. They built a sustainably designed cheese cave for aging their products, [...]
Artisanal Cheese from Guernsey Cows
Farm: Guernsey Girl Creamery Operator: Ashley Bridges Production: Dairy, Livestock Location: Shelby, Cleveland County, NC
On-Farm Fuel Production
Phillip Barker manages a small dairy operation. He wanted to cut one of his largest expenses on the farm by creating his own fuel, processing used cooking [...]