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Building a Methane Digester
Tucker and Mackenzie Withington own Lilly Den Farm, a mixed livestock operation. Through first-hand experience, Tucker knows that there is a significant [...]
Reinventing a Fourth Generation Dairy
Lindley Farms Creamery was awarded a grant in 2012 to start a new cheese-making operation and an on-farm mozzarella cheesecake business.
Sustaining the Family Farm
Operator: Buron Lanier, Jr. Production: Beef Cattle Location: Burgaw, Pender County, NC Lanier developed a dual use of his land by sowing pasture grasses [...]
Rotational Grazing for Retail Beef
Will and Jeff Thomas will upgrade their operation by creating a rotational grazing system which will allow them to increase the weight gain on their beef [...]
Feeding Sprouted Grain to Beef Cattle as an Alternative Feed
Francis incorporated a livestock feeding system that is specifically developed to sprout grain and legume seed in a hydroponics growing room. This project [...]
Artificial Insemination Facility
Operator: Jared Harrell Acreage in Production: 15 Production: Beef Cattle Location: Hertford, Perquimans County, NC Jared Harrell inherited 15 acres of [...]