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Vargas Farms: Growing Traditional Mexican Crops
Felix Vargas has implemented season extension methods for growing Mexican and Central American crops including jicama, passionfruit, and chayote.
Reinventing a Fourth Generation Dairy
Lindley Farms Creamery was awarded a grant in 2012 to start a new cheese-making operation and an on-farm mozzarella cheesecake business.
Silvopasture In The Sandhills
Jason Smith and Sarah Daly describe their project on Fox Squirrel Farm as creating a silvopasture system for raising crops and livestock. He and his wife [...]
Intercropping with Oyster Mushrooms
Granite Springs Farm is operated by Meredith Leight. She began intercropping oyster mushrooms with ginger, tomatoes, and other vegetable crops in a [...]
Micro-Bottling Project at Marvic Dairy
In 2012, Mark Williams received a grant to assist him with bottling his dairy’s milk and producing drinkable yogurt.
Heated Greenhouse for Year-round Production
Farm: Herr Flower Farm Operator: Jefferson Herr Production: Cut flowers, specialty vegetables Location: Vale, Lincoln County, NC Dazzling snapdragons, [...]
Dixon Family Farm
In 2012, Jay was able to jump start his own family-operated rabbitry and pastured pork business. He wanted to do something new on his family's farm while [...]