Re-Purposing Tobacco Bulk Barns

August 9, 2016 - Horticulture, Infrastructure, Processing, View All
Re-Purposing Tobacco Bulk Barns

Dawnbreaker Farm is a 20-acre farm operated by Ben Grimes, who primarily raises livestock and produces eggs. The new farm is located on a historic tobacco farm and has several tobacco curing barns still standing. Ben has retrofitted one of the barns, built in 1979, into a poultry processing facility. This will allow him to save money on processing fees as well as treat the birds more humanely by not having to transport them to a separate processing facility.

In addition to refurbishing the tobacco barns, Ben has purchased a walk-in freezer for the building to store products once they are processed. The project shows how much you can do with old farm infrastructure. The tobacco barns were built to be very sturdy structures that would be able to handle years of curing the plant after the harvest. This project builds off of the old agricultural economy to move towards a new, diversified agricultural economy of today.

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