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Vargas Farms: Growing Traditional Mexican Crops
Felix Vargas has implemented season extension methods for growing Mexican and Central American crops including jicama, passionfruit, and chayote.
Shrimp Production in a Closed-loop System with Biofloc Technology
Dr. Rachel Tinker-Kulberg is a professional researcher in plant biology and has acted as a scientific consultant on several small-scale aquaponic [...]
Passive Watering System For Livestock
Bluebird Farm received a grant in 2011 to implement a passive watering system, allowing the farm to expand pastured livestock production and enhance its [...]
Aquaponics in an Old Tobacco Greenhouse
The Worley Family Farm is seven generations strong with a long past of growing tobacco and other cash crops. They now grow hydroponically in a closed-loop [...]
Expansion of Specialty Crops (Asparagus) & Mobile Refrigeration
Martha Mobley raises beef cattle, goats, sheep, and organic vegetables for direct market sale. Martha is the third generation to farm at Leonard Farm and [...]
Transporting Farm Products to Regional Markets
Jeff Bender hopes to expand his vegetable and fruit production with institutional and wholesale customers, but the farm is limited by its ability to [...]
Dairy Farmer Builds New Micro-Bottling Plant
Ran-Lew Dairy received a grant to begin producing value-added products on his family's dairy. Through his project, he was able to begin producing bottled [...]
Scaling Up On-Farm Production of Tea
Waterdog Farm is making improvements to their processing facilities to scale up their production of herbal teas.
Reinventing a Fourth Generation Dairy
Lindley Farms Creamery was awarded a grant in 2012 to start a new cheese-making operation and an on-farm mozzarella cheesecake business.
Building an Organic Small Grain Operation
Ben Haines and his father Kenny Haines manage Looking Back Farms in eastern North Carolina. They are among the few (and the proud) farmers in the state [...]
Fifth-Generation Farmer Renovates Historic Grist Mill
A fifth generation cotton farmer, Butch Byrum lives and farms near the town of Edenton on the North Carolina coast. The fields of his family’s farm stretch [...]
Tomato Umbrella to Prevent Fungal Disease
Jason Roehrig and Shiloh Avery operate Tumbling Shoals Farm in Millers Creek, at the base of the High Country in Wilkes County. They grow all kinds of [...]