Local, Pasture-Raised Hog Farm Expansion Plan

August 9, 2016 - Livestock, Processing, View All
Local, Pasture-Raised Hog Farm Expansion Plan

Jennie Reese and her husband Jamie operate Ellington Farm. The farm has been in Jamie’s family for many generations, previously as a tobacco farm, and now as a diversified strawberry, cattle, and pasture-raised pork operation. Jennie and Jamie also own and operate a general store in the nearby town of Manson called Buchanan’s Store. The shop has been a gathering place of the community for decades.

This year, the family plans to upgrade their pastured-pork operation by adding fencing as well as establishing the infrastructure to raise more sows that will be bred to increase the size of their herd.

Currently, Jennie and Jamie are focusing on investing in materials and fencing that will facilitate the expansion. Jennie has cleared ground to begin construction on the sow houses for the farm. They have also invested in improved and increased fencing for the farm. This summer, the family is focusing on constructing sow houses. They’ve cleared land for the project, and an additional seven acres of pasture has been fenced in for more hogs.

In the fall of 2016, they plan to have a demonstration of their finished project and a BBQ (of course).

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