Huck Accessibility Project (HAPpy)

August 9, 2016 - Agritourism, Infrastructure, View All
Huck Accessibility Project (HAPpy)

Bob Reichel’s Huckleberry Trail Farm is a u-pick operation with a focus on agritourism. Most of the farm’s activities for the public happen in the fall and involve staples of the harvest season for many locals: corn mazes, hayrides, and pick-your-own pumpkins.

This year, the farm increased safety and accessibility so that customers with limited mobility will be able to enjoy the on-farm experience as much as anyone else.

The farm installed a large, boardwalk that serves as a ramp to better enable people with physical disabilities to gain access to the farm yard and many other features of the farm. Customers who use walkers and wheelchairs will also be able to access the farm’s hay rides.

The ramp was completed just in time for opening day of the Fall season. Bob said that he was able to invite senior centers and other establishments working with people with limited mobility. The boardwalk has allowed him to greatly increase his customer base that can enjoy the farm. His project has allowed everyone to get outside and experience fun and entertainment that gets you off the couch and away from screens.

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