Expansion of Specialty Crops (Asparagus) & Mobile Refrigeration

August 6, 2016 - Horticulture, Marketing, Tools, View All
Expansion of Specialty Crops (Asparagus) & Mobile Refrigeration

Martha Mobley raises beef cattle, goats, sheep, and organic vegetables for direct market sale. Martha is the third generation to farm at Leonard Farm and has worked to transition it from commodity crops to fresh produce and meats for sale to local consumers.

This year, she plans to increase the farm’s mix of crops by adding asparagus, a high value crop that can be easily produced and managed. In order to increase efficiency on her operation and keep her produce fresh, she built a mobile refrigeration unit to keep produce cool from the field to the farmers’ market.

Martha has planted two acres of two different asparagus varieties, the “Jersey Supreme” and “Purple Passion.” This high value, perennial crop is in demand in local markets and will provide the farm with a staple produce crop. Martha hired an expert fabricator who specializes in refrigerated trailers to help her build the trailer. She will be able to increase the quality of her produce and be able to get it fresher to market with the trailer.

Martha hosts an annual event on her farm called “Dinner On The Meadow” to raise funds to support small farms in her county and is very active in her farming community as a farmer and an extension agent.

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