Scaling Up: Retrofitting Retired Farm Equipment to Increase the Profitability of Pastured Poultry

July 16, 2018 - Poultry, Retrofit

Farmer/Farm Name: Chas Edens, Edens Meats, LLC

About the Farm: Edens Meats is a third year farming operation on 48 acres in Cedar Grove, NC. Charles Edens sells through a Community Supported Agriculture program, direct sales, on-the-farm and home-delivered sales.

City: Cedar Grove, NC

County: Orange County

Project Description: Edens Meats was awarded $9,000 to adapt gravity grain wagons to move along the pasture with the birds. Key goals are to: 1) improve efficiency of distributing feed from the local feed mill to pasture by converting grain wagons into “moveable feed wagons” for laying chickens, broiler chickens, and turkeys; 2) increase the production and quality of pastured eggs by converting a trailer into a “moveable hen house”, with new technologies like roll-away nest boxes and supplemental lighting to increase the profit margin of pastured eggs; and 3) improve the mobility of pastured turkeys by converting an irrigation trailer into a “moveable turkey roost”, allowing turkeys to be rotated on pasture while roosting.

Project Type: Poultry, Retrofit

Amount Awarded: $9,000

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