Duck Daddy Ranch: Delicious, Local, Free-Range Duck

August 9, 2016 - Infrastructure, Livestock, View All
Duck Daddy Ranch: Delicious, Local, Free-Range Duck

Bryce Bjornson runs Duck Daddy Ranch, a small farm in Seagrove specializing in sales of heritage breed duck meat to chefs and consumers. Bryce raises his ducks in the woods to increase the well-being of the animals and for improved flavor. Bryce plans to build a permanent processing center on his farm in order to reduce the cost of outsourcing the processing of his meat products.

Bryce is adjusting his project to put his processing equipment on a trailer so that he can operate as a mobile processing unit for poultry. Bryce saw a greater need for mobile processors in the area as he was completing his project. In addition to raising his own ducks to process, he will also provide the service to other area farmers who may not have the capacity to process the birds on their own farm.

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