Buck Naked Farm’s Apiary Haven Project

August 9, 2016 - Livestock, View All
Buck Naked Farm’s Apiary Haven Project

Buck Naked Farm is an 86-acre farm that produces honey, jam, and other bee products. The farm was formerly an abandoned chicken hatchery that has since been loved and improved by the small-scale restorative agriculture of Buck Naked Farm. In order to improve the apiary, Jennifer wants to expand the apiary as well as add an educational component to the farm. She will use the grant funds to add more hives to the operation as well as establish small fruit beds and a bee forage garden.

Jennifer is working to improve the productivity of the farm’s apiary. She also hopes to establish an educational component to help increase local awareness of beekeeping and the importance of pollinator species. She has already established significant pollinator habitat on the farm and increased her hive’s size by purchasing several nucs. She has also presented on pollinators at several events throughout her region.

In mid-summer, Jennifer moves the hives to a property in Ashe County to take advantage of the sourwood bloom. She also keeps hives at Ninja Cow Farm, a diversified small farming operation near Garner that sells to direct markets in the Triangle. Buck Naked Farm does not only benefit themselves by keeping bees but they also provide area farmers with pollination services by having the bees at different farms throughout North Carolina!

Jennifer has done several educational demonstrations using equipment that was purchased with the grant. She has spoken to several groups around the Triangle about the importance of beekeeping and conservation of pollinator habitat. With the support of the grant program, she has also been able to increase the size of her hives and will be expanding into new markets as well.

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