Farm Fresh and Healthy Pilot Program

Fresh-Bucks-Logo In 2015, in partnership with the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, we launched the Farm Fresh and Healthy Pilot Program with farmers’ markets and roadside stands in North Carolina Tier 1 counties. Our goal is to increase access to fruits and vegetables for SNAP/EBT users while also boosting revenues for farmers. The primary strategy in this initial phase is the Fresh Bucks consumer incentive program, which doubles the buying power of EBT shoppers at participating farmers’ markets. In 2016, more markets joined the Fresh Bucks program, and markets who launched their programs in 2015 saw dramatic growth: between 2015 and 2016, both Fresh Bucks transactions and SNAP benefits redeemed at Fresh Bucks markets doubled. RAFI is excited to continue the Fresh Bucks program in 2017!   Market Partners:
What are Fresh Bucks? Fresh Bucks tokens are extra market dollars for SNAP/EBT users to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at the market. Fresh Bucks double the buying power of SNAP/EBT users at the market. For each dollar a SNAP user withdraws from their account to spend at the market, they will be matched an additional dollar, up to a total of $20 Fresh Bucks. Examples: $20 in SNAP + $20 in Fresh Bucks = $40 to spend at the market $8 in SNAP + $8 in Fresh Bucks = $16 to spend at market $25 in SNAP + $20 in Fresh Bucks ($20 is the max) = $45 to spend at the market
Pictured: Front & Back of Fresh Bucks Tokens
                                                   Fresh Bucks front       Fresh Bucks back

How Farmers’ Market Customers Can Use Fresh Bucks:
  • Similar to SNAP/EBT tokens, Fresh Bucks tokens come in $1 increments and no change is given.
  • Eligible items: fresh fruits and vegetables only.
  • Fresh Bucks tokens do not expire until the end of the market season. If a customer does not use all of their tokens one day, they can bring them back on their next visit!
  • Fresh Bucks tokens can be matched up to $20, once per market day.

Get Involved:
  • If you live near one of these markets, please spread the word to friends, family and community members.
  • Support RAFI with a donation to support our program.

  Made possible with generous support from: The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Wholesome Wave For additional information contact RAFI at: (919) 621-3593.