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Cattle to Rabbitry in Alamance County, NC

Steve Sifford of Alamance County, North Carolina received a grant through RAFI’s Agricultural Reinvestment Fund in 2015 to add the necessary infrastructure for raising rabbits including building hutches and shade structures. He grew up on a dairy farm and originally purchased land to raise cattle while working as an instructor nearby. Although Steve has a lifelong love for the cattle business, he wanted to find a new livestock product that could bring high value to the farm without needing much more land. The 40+ acre farm was already at maximum grazing capacity with the cattle and Steve did not have the capital or the desire to purchase more land. He found that rabbits could be raised with little infrastructure and land while bringing in a premium price. Read more about Steve’s story here…

Women Dig and Chop Their Way to the Top in North Carolina’s Food & Ag Sectors

My co-workers and I at the Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) have had the privilege of working with many of the women interviewed for Kim Severson’s recent New York Times article, “A Food Sisterhood Flourishes in North Carolina,” and it was a real pleasure to see this group of hardworking innovators receive national attention for their efforts.