Eastern NC Come to the Table Conference

Thanks to everyone for a successful Eastern Regional Come to the Table Conference! Stay tuned for resources from the conference to be posted in the coming months.

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Eastern North Carolina Come to the Table Conference
8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday February 4th, 2013
Kinston Community Arts Council Building
Kinston, NC

2012 TCRF grantee Jeremiah Dixon of Dixon Family Farms will be participating as a panelist in Session 4: “Supporting Farmers, Supporting Families: How Can Local Food Be Accessible?”  Learn more about Dixon in this video now.

1. Food Insecurity in Eastern NC: Why our Neighbors are Hungry and What People of Faith Can Do
2. The Theology of Food and Agriculture: How Faith Can Guide and Inspire Our Work
3. Empowering Youth Through Food Ministries and Projects
4. Supporting Farmers, Supporting Families: How Can Local Food Be Accessible?
5. Building Support for Your Ministry or Non-Profit
6. Farmworkers: Supporting Those Who Harvest our Food
7. Family Farms in Eastern NC: Challenges, Opportunities, and How People of Faith Can Help
8. Recipes for Change: How Congregations Can Help Nourish Body and Soul
9. Community Gardening 101: Basics of a Successful Community Garden
10. Community Organizing 101: Skills for Sustaining Projects in Your Congregation or Community
11. How School Food Works: Opportunities for Healthy Local Food in Schools
12. Local Food Councils: Their Purpose and Power
13. Season Extension: Tips for Producing Food in Colder Months