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RAFI Publications
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  • RoyWilliams_Th Revised & Updated: The Farmer’s Guide to Agricultural Credit (4/5/2015) - Accessing capital is one of the many challenges facing farmers. This guide is aimed at helping farmers get ready to ask a lender for the financing needed to expand or to establish new on-farm ventures.
  • RAFI-Farmers-Guide-Picture-slide-1-638 The Farmer’s Guide to the Development of New Farm Enterprises (4/4/2015) - The Farmer's Guide to the Development of New Farm Enterprises includes information on developing value-added products, identifying new farm opportunities, on-farm processing, selling your products, and more.
  • Guidebook Cover web Come to the Table Guidebook, Second Edition Released (2/27/2015) - When I began working with the Come to the Table Project in 2012, I knew that I was entering a community grounded in the good work of many others. Claire Hermann, one of the founders and first directors of the project, laid a foundation of integrity, collaboration and diversity. Claire, along with Chris Liu-Beers and […]
  • Rafi Farm Aid 2014-14 Scott Marlow’s Statement at 2014 Farm Aid in Raleigh, NC (9/10/2014) - I want to welcome Farm Aid to North Carolina and we’re very excited that you are here. Farm Aid started 29 years ago to address the pain of farmers and farm families losing their farms. Some of our folks here were at that concert and have been at most of them since.
  • Courtesy of Wikipedia. 2014 Farm Bill Analysis: GIPSA (2/14/2014) - We can cheer the fact that the Farm Bill negotiators rejected the intense pressure from poultry companies and meatpackers to roll back key protections that require them to use fair business practices in their dealings with farmers.
  • Managing Specialty Crop Risk in North Carolina (11/15/2013) - Over the past year, RAFI worked with specialty crop farmers across North Carolina to research and write Managing Specialty Crop Risk in North Carolina.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing: Where are we Now? (Presentation) (9/13/2013) - Because of the NC’s compulsory pooling law, RAFI and other advocates were concerned about the potential threats to landowner rights. The “Hydraulic Fracturing: Where Are We Now?,” presentation embedded below provides a brief overview of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, as well as in-depth analysis of compulsory pooling. The presentation was authored by RAFI Research & […]
  • Download Community-Supported Agriculture Fact Sheet (4/15/2013) - Come to the Table's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Fact Sheet.
  • Landowners’ Rights and Fracking: Experiences in Other States (2/20/2013) - Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have been used in parts of the Midwest for years, and are now being used in Pennsylvania and New York as well. Landowners and farmers in these states have expressed concerns about the effects that drilling have on their lives and livelihoods. The New York State Senate has passed a […]
  • An Overview of Pooling in Five Oil and Gas Producing States (2/14/2013) - Presentation to the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commissions Study Group on Compulsory Pooling Presented on February 8, 2013 by Layla Cummings. Slides: What is Pooling? Unitization Policy Behind Pooling Pooling in Other States Pooling in Arkansas Pooling in Colorado Pooling in Ohio Pooling in Texas Pooling in West Virginia Issues to Consider
  • Farmers’ Guide to GMO’s (1/10/2013) - By David R. Moeller and Michael Sligh. Edited by Karen R. Krub. November 2004. This Farmers’ Guide to GMOs addresses some of the many issues that are associated with farmers’ use of GMOs. While this Guide is designed for US farmers, it is our hope that the information provided can be illustrative to farmers worldwide.
  • Guide: Mass Poultry Mortality Disposal Options (12/17/2012) - For poultry growers, the dreaded sound of the poultry house alarm going off means lost income and days of work ahead.Contract poultry farmers have tens of thousands of birds in each barn. When natural disaster, weather, equipment failure or disease threatens, farmers find themselves with the financial and logistical responsibility of disposing of large numbers […]
  • GIPSA Fact Sheet (1/7/2012) - This fact sheet was produced by the RAFI in cooperation with the Campaign for Contract Agriculture Reform and Farmersʼ Legal Action Group
  • Disaster Programs and the Changing Face of Agriculture in North Carolina (12/17/2011) - Disaster Programs and the Changing Face of Agriculture in North Carolina explores the growing gap between the needs of North Carolina farmers and the protection provided by federal disaster programs.
  • Don’t Bank on It: Farmers Face Significant Barriers to Credit Access During Economic Downturn (3/22/2011) - Farm credit is the backbone of American agriculture. During the recent economic downturn, America’s family farmers faced significant barriers to accessing farm credit, which endangered their economic security and the stability of rural communities and food production in America. This national survey of farm credit counselors and farm advocacy organizations demonstrates the critical, growing and […]
  • Floods in Thatcham, Berkshire, 2007 Documenting Disaster Losses (11/21/2010) - A farmer's ability to receive assistance for disaster losses depends in large part on his or her ability to demonstrate the extent of those losses. This guide helps farmers understand how to document the impact of disasters on their farms and apply for assistance.
  • National Organic Action Plan (NOAP): From the Margins to the Mainstream: Advancing Organic Agriculture in the US (1/17/2010) - Published in January 2010, the National Organic Action Plan (NOAP) represents the culmination of five years of meetings that engaged diverse stakeholders in envisioning the future of organic agriculture and in building strategies for realizing our collective vision.  NOAP was co-produced by RAFI’s Just Foods Program and the National Organic Coalition. The guiding document articulates […]
  • Economic Implications of Plant-Made Pharmaceutical Production in North Carolina (12/17/2008) - This research in this major analysis demonstrates that the claimed benefits of genetically modified pharmaceuticals are speculative at best, and the risks and potential costs of contamination are too high.
  • Binding Mandatory Arbitration Fact Sheet (12/17/2007) - Binding Mandatory Arbitration Fact Sheet.  Published by RAFI in 2007, this fact sheet explains how binding mandatory arbitration affects contract farmers.
  • The Farmer’s Guide to Peanut Contracts (12/17/2007) - The Farmer’s Guide to Peanut Contracts, January 2007. This guide is intended for farmers who are considering growing peanuts for the first time and for those who are deciding whether to expand their operations and investment in equipment based on contracts in the United States.