The Just Foods Program

The cows_and_hillsJust Foods program promotes a systems-based approach to a more sustainable food and fiber system both nationally and internationally.  The program is led by Michael Sligh, a long-time activist and farmer who has spent his career advancing the sustainable agriculture movement. The program takes a multi-pronged approach to the issues at hand, leveraging relationships, partnerships and coalitions to achieve greater results. Through research, analysis, education, advocacy and coalition-building we:
  • educate farmers and consumers about important of agricultural biodiversity,
  • emphasize how genetically engineered or modified foods could jeopardize long-term food security and farmers’ livelihoods,
  • evaluate new technology based on economic viability, environmental soundness, and social justice,
  • work to ensure and expand farmer, business and consumer choice of more diverse and improved public seed variety options
  • develop and expand production, marketing and research opportunities for sustainable and organic farmers, and
  • promote federal policies that will support and strengthen sustainable agriculture.




Agricultural Biodiversity / Seeds & Breeds
Organic Agriculture
Social Justice

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