Training & Consulting

Our staff members are available to provide both in-person and remote trainings and workshops for organizations that serve farmers. We’re able to tailor our trainings to meet the needs of a variety organizations. We also regularly consult with organizations seeking to enhance their knowledge of agricultural issues and expand their services for farmers.

If you are a member of an organization interested in our training opportunities or consulting services, please contact us for more information. Click here to contact us.

Farm Advocacy Training

Our training topics include:

• Farm Advocacy 101
• Skills for Working with Farmers
• Farm Finance 101
• FSA Loan Programs
• Farm Crisis Management
• How Predatory Lending Works
• How to Appeal USDA Agency Decisions
• Disaster Assistance Programs
• Resources for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers
• Career Paths and Professional Development for Advocates

Online Training for Advocates and Organizations – Coming Soon!

We are currently developing training modules and webinars to support the professional development of advocates. Our materials will be made available here on our website. In the meantime, please have a look at our current resources and information for farmers and advocates. Check out our Farm Advocate Resources here.

Our Team

Benny Bunting

Lead Farm Advocate

Benny is a national leader in advocating for farm families and saving farms that would otherwise be lost to foreclosure. Benny provides farmers with a broad array of advocacy services including financial counseling, legal referrals, and technical assistance. >> Click here to view a video about Benny Bunting and to read his full bio.

Jean Willoughby

Project Director, Agricultural Reinvestment Fund

Tel: 919-621-8453

Jean works closely with RAFI’s Lead Farm Advocate and Director of Farm Sustainability to develop and expand RAFI’s farm advocacy training and consulting offerings.

Kavita Koppa

Farm Community Organizer

Kavita manages RAFI’s Farmer Leadership Network, an initiative that helps farmers effectively serve on committees for agricultural decision-making groups. She also assists the Farm Sustainability Program staff with rural cooperative development in North and South Carolina.