Our Work

RAFI is built on a legacy of courageous activism and the ability to organize across boundaries to promote the viability of farm families, while protecting the environment, community health and just treatment of farm workers.

Our programs serve:
  • Farm families because they deserve a fair, dependable income
  • Everyone who labors in agriculture because they deserve respect from society
  • People who eat because everyone deserves access to healthy, abundant food
  • The environment because it deserves preservation for future generations
Our work is rooted in balancing justice and sustainability for all facets of agriculture and, ultimately, our greater world.

Our Programs

Farm Sustainability

We fight for policies and programs that enable small- and mid-scale farms to succeed while using sound and just farming practices. Ensuring success also means farm advocacy. We provide guidance in times of financial crisis, in generational transitions and with transitions to more sustainable farming operations.

Just Foods

From promoting meaningful standards for organic agriculture to protecting biodiversity, this program seeks to make fair, sustainable farming a viable choice for farmers.

Contract Agriculture Reform

We fight to ensure contract arrangements between individual farmers and processors are fair and equitable.

Come to the Table

Come to the Table works with people of faith in North Carolina to relieve hunger and support local agriculture.

Agricultural Reinvestment Fund

Since 1997, our grant program has helped farmers and rural communities develop new and innovative sources of agricultural income.

Farmer Resources

Through our work, we have a number of tools and resources for farmers and advocates. Access RAFI’s library of publications and farmer resources.