Landowner Oil and Gas Leasing Education Packet

The following education packet is a compilation of materials published in March 2012 for North Carolina farmers and landowners on oil and gas rights leasing issues. Drawing on a wide range of resources, this packet attempts to provide an objective, but not exhaustive, introduction to the complexity of oil and gas right leasing.

This resource is not meant to be legal advice. RAFI-USA strongly recommends that landowners interested in leasing their oil and gas rights consult with an attorney before signing any contract.

Table of Contents
Section 1: RAFI-USA Oil and Gas Right Leasing Resources

Section 2: Fact Sheets

Section 3: Oil and Gas Rights Leasing Guides

Section 4: Related News Articles

Section 5: Additional Resources

  • The New York Times Oil and Gas Lease Database
  • Landowner Coalition Leasing Groups
  • Oil and Gas Rights Leasing Reports
  • Oil and Gas Rights Leasing Presentations
  • Links to Farmer and Landowner Property Rights non-profit organizations
  • Links to additional resources