Mineral Rights in Lee County

Lee County Mineral Rights and Oil & Gas Data Now Available Online 

North Carolina’s Lee County has recently released detailed data revealing who owns the mineral rights to extract natural gas or other buried resources in the county. According to a recent article on the News & Observer:

“the data shows that the owners of 365 parcels, on about 12 square miles, do not own the rights to drill or mine under their land. Many of them are concentrated in the northwestern gas-rich section of the county.”

The data is made available on Lee County’s Interactive Mapping system, a visual GIS database with information on parcels, owners, water and sewer lines, elevation, flood plain, zoning, traffic counts, school boundaries, commissioner districts, council wards, annexation history, brownfield sites, voluntary agriculture districts, sidewalks, corporate limits, historic districts, census data, soils, mineral rights, and now, oil & gas leases.

The database is a complex tool, allowing users to search by name, parcel, latitude, longitude and more.  If you experience difficulty searching for data contact Lee County Strategic Services via phone at 919-718-4663.

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