Our Growing Innovation book is now available online!

Growing Innovation 1.0

growing-innovation-book-cover-2We’re excited to announce that our Growing Innovation 1.0 e-book is now available for downloading online. You can get your copy today by going to our online store here.

Growing Innovation 1.0 highlights the stories of small family farmers who are finding new ways to sustain their farming operations. Eight stories from a diverse group of farmers provide insight into the joys and challenges of farming and ranching.

About Growing Innovation

The Growing Innovation project was inspired by the family farmers we work with everyday. Over the past 17 years, we’ve documented hundreds of successful farm projects that we funded through our grant program for farmers. This year, we plan to build an online library and publish a book of agricultural innovations developed by these farmers. The online library will include interactive maps of the farm projects along with detailed plans, budgets, and other useful information. The book will highlight some of the most instructive and inspiring examples of farmer-driven innovation we’ve seen yet. In the spirit of collaboration, we also plan to share the contents of the online library with Farm Hack, “an open source community for resilient agriculture.” >> To learn more, please watch our 2-minute video about the project below.

Project Updates

The Growing Innovation Fund
We’ve launched the Growing Innovation Fund to allow us to continue documenting the hundreds of farm projects that we’ve funded over the years. Please consider making a contribution by clicking here.

Contact Us

Please contact the Growing Innovation project coordinator, Jean Willoughby, with any comments or questions about the project at jean@rafiusa.org.