Workshop Schedule


Come to the Table Conference | March 16th, 2017 | Durham Convention Center


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Session 1:

10 am – 11:30 am

Session 2:

1:30 pm – 3 pm

Session 3:

3:15 pm – 4:45 pm

Building Strong Foundations I

Meaningful Engagement Across Your Community Native Ways: Community-Based Philanthropy and Giving Working Toward Effective Partnerships

Building Strong Foundations II

Before You Get Started: Community Asset Mapping Building Livelihoods: Generative Faith and Food Projects Hungry Kids: How To Help and Why It Matters

Theology and Food

Theology and Food: The Vocation of Communion Bread from the Earth: Stories of Faith, Food, and Justice Our Stories as Sacred Ground: Land, Food, and Our God

Farmer Voices & Cooperative Development

Best Practices and Lessons Learned from RAFI Grantee Farmers From Charity to Sustainability: A Cooperative Solution Youth Voices in the Food System

Getting Food to the Table

Power on Your Plate: Deconstructing the Food System and Empowering Workers Lives on the Line: The Human Cost of Chicken Fight for 15: Fast Food and Poverty Wages

Deepening Our Work

Gathering Roots: Looking at Inequities in the Food System Gathering Roots: Looking at Inequities in the Food System Faith Values and Food Connections

Express Yourself

The Body and Worship: Moving to Social Change Muraling: Sharing Our Experiences Through Visual Storytelling Organizing In Harmony: Building Solidarity In Action Through Music

Disaster Relief

Recovery and Resilience: Support, Healing, and Faith in the Wake of Disaster Disaster Relief Resources for Farmers and Communities Boots on the Ground: Disaster Relief Experiences from the Field


Fairness in Contracts: Partial Screening of Under Contract and Farmer Panel Food Policy Councils: A Tool for Organizing from Neighbors to Decision-Makers Up From Discrimination to a Future in Building the New Local Food Economy