State of Organic Seed Survey

If you are a certified organic farmer, we encourage your participation in this national seed survey conducted by Organic Seed Alliance. The purpose is to assess certified organic crop producers’ attitudes and perceptions regarding organic seed, and to better understand current organic seed usage. Even if you currently do not use organic seed, we strongly encourage you to respond to this survey. Your responses are voluntary and will be held confidential by Organic Seed Alliance. We will not see your responses. Your responses will not be identified by individual or farm. All responses will be compiled and analyzed as a group. You can access the survey here: This national survey is only conducted every five years to monitor organic seed availability and use, challenges in sourcing organic seed, and organic plant breeding needs, among other topics that inform the organic community’s understanding of the barriers and opportunities in improving organic seed systems in the U.S. Thank you for taking 20 minutes to respond to this vital national assessment. The deadline for responding is October 3, 2014.