Video: Alex Hitt & Sandi Kronick on the Community of Good Food

Farmer Alex Hitt and CEO of Eastern Carolina Organics Sandi Kronick talk about the importance of direct markets and the community that is built around good food in this new video produced by Farm Aid. Farm Aid’s latest round of farmer profile videos debuted at their annual concert held this year in Raleigh, NC on September 13th, 2014. Alex Hitt is an organic farmer who owns and operates Peregrine Farm in Graham, NC. He currently serves as President of RAFI’s Board of Directors, and has been a long-time supporter and friend to many of us at RAFI.

About Jean Willoughby

Jean Willoughby served as RAFI’s Communications Manager and previously as a Project Director, overseeing our grant program for entrepreneurial and innovative farmers, the Agricultural Reinvestment Fund.