Landowner Rights & Fracking

RAFI is urging landowners and community members, especially from Lee, Moore and Chatham Counties, to attend the meeting and voice their opinions tomorrow at the Compulsory Pooling Study Group's public meeting.

PRESS RELEASE: Recommendations for Forced Pooling Will Be Finalized Tomorrow at 1 p.m.

UPDATE: House rejects Farm Bill, June 20 | Years, even decades, of work can come down to a 5-minute vote in an obscure committee. We hope that you will trust us, and our partners, that, when we ask you to take action on the Farm Bill, it is because that action is important and effective.

Farm Bill 2013: The time is now

North Carolina’s compulsory pooling law is incomplete compared to the rest of the country. RAFI has raised strong objections to forced pooling. We believe it should not be allowed, and, if allowed, should have very high threshold requirements and low penalties.

New recommendations to protect landowners in compulsory pooling debate