Crop Insurance

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on the coast of Florida and the Southeastern US, our thoughts are to everyone bracing for the storm. Here are some important disaster assistance resources that farmers should familiarize themselves with as soon as possible.

Hurricane Matthew: Disaster Assistance for Farms

Organic farming has become one of the fastest growing segments of U.S. agriculture. USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) recognizes organic farming practices as good farming practices and continues to move forward in improving crop insurance coverage for organic producers and producers transitioning to organic production to make viable and effective risk management options available. In general, regulations governing the insurability of organic and transitional practices are the same as for conventional practices.

Fact sheet: Crop Insurance for Organic Farming Practices

Today the Risk Management Agency of the USDA announced major changes to Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP), including expanded access to beginning farmers and making the policy available in every state and county in the country. These changes will be effective starting in the 2016 crop year.

RMA Announces Historic Crop Insurance Reforms to Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Last year 838 AGR and AGR-Lite policies were sold in the US. Thus far 1,120 WFRP policies have been sold in 2015 - an increase of 282 policies, or 34%, over AGR and AGR-Lite combined.

A Whole Year of Whole Farm – The (Preliminary) Data is in!