Growing Innovation

Jason Smith describes his TCRF funded project on Fox Squirrel Farm as “silvopasture”. He and his wife Sarah will plant fruit and nut trees on his family land and put up fencing to allow them to intensively graze chickens, turkeys, goats, and sheep in the same pasture. This system creates a mutually beneficial argo-ecosystem where the livestock provides fertility and pest management to the trees while the trees provide forage and shade to the animals.

Silvopasture In The Sandhills

OakMoon Farm is a small, 12 acre dairy goat operation in Bakersville, North Carolina in Mitchell County. It is the last dairy farm in the entire county when at one point there were many more. The couple started the Creamery in 1998 in order to begin making cheeses and selling them from their goat's milk. OakMoon Creamery cheeses have been regarded as some of the best tasting in the country.

Spreading The Knowledge Of Making Good Chevre

The group will receive funding for the development of a transport system that will give them the tools and resources to manage a larger network of growers, as well as supporting increased production, marketing, processing, grading and transport without any additional costs to the farmer.

Transport System for Aggregating Purple Sweet Potatoes