Agricultural Reinvestment Fund

The Agricultural Reinvestment Fund is entering its 20th year in providing cost-share grants to innovative farmer-led projects in North Carolina. Each year, this competitive grant program selects a handful of farmers who have amazing ideas that focus on innovation, enterprise development, and growing a successful, sustainable family farm business.

Agricultural Reinvestment Fund 2017 Grant Awards

The consensus is that times have changed in recent years, but our values haven’t. We believe in a world where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Our nation was founded on that principle, and we’ve worked hard to make it a reality as we build a society that values everyone equally. As an agricultural nonprofit organization, we work everyday to make sure those fundamental principles hold true for thousands of family farmers. But we know first hand that our work is far from over.

A Friend to Farmers in All Seasons

Steve Sifford of Alamance County, North Carolina received a grant through RAFI's Agricultural Reinvestment Fund in 2015 to add the necessary infrastructure for raising rabbits including building hutches and shade structures. He grew up on a dairy farm and originally purchased land to raise cattle while working as an instructor nearby. Although Steve has a lifelong love for the cattle business, he wanted to find a new livestock product that could bring high value to the farm without needing much more land. The 40+ acre farm was already at maximum grazing capacity with the cattle and Steve did not have the capital or the desire to purchase more land. He found that rabbits could be raised with little infrastructure and land while bringing in a premium price. Read more about Steve's story here...

Cattle to Rabbitry in Alamance County, NC

Calyb Hare is a young farmer with long-standing family ties to the land. He grows a variety of vegetables for his CSA on a small, diversified farm in coastal North Carolina. In 2015, he received a grant from our Agricultural Reinvestment Fund to help expand his production of heirloom beans and create a shelf-stable dried and packaged bean product for local and regional markets.

In the Field: Photos from Olan Path Farm