Agricultural Justice Project

food_justice_certifiedRAFI-USA is a co-founder of the Agricultural Justice Project. Our Just Foods Director, Michael Sligh, continues to help guide the initiative, which has now grown into an organization in its own right. The Agricultural Justice Project is stakeholder-driven, and committed to the principles of democratic leadership. We believe that all members of the food chain should have a role in developing and guiding our standards and certification program. AJP’s Food Justice Certification label launched with RAFI’s support in 2011. The label sets rigorous standards for the respectful treatment of farmworkers, living wages, safe working conditions and collective bargaining rights. With this label, consumers can trust that their food came from a just source. As of 2013, the label can be found in 60 Whole Foods stores nationwide.

Hungry for Justice Campaign

Brought to you by Little Bean Productions in partnership with Florida Organic Growers and the Agricultural Justice Project. Watch AJP’s new documentary and find out how you can host your own screening. Hungry for Justice: Spotlight on the South from Little Bean Productions on Vimeo.   Learn more at: