Post Farm Aid Reflection: Unity Found in the Field

Two weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to attend a gathering of 200 activists and organizers from across the United States as they discussed the state of farming today.


Tickets on Sale: Crop Hop at Haw River Ballroom, Oct 19th

The Crop Hop will take place on October 19th at the Haw River Ballroom. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!


Pepper Fest Is Around the Corner!

At PepperFest, with every bite of delicious peppery dish, and each sip of spicy pepper-infused beer,we are propagating a world that is free of genetically-modified organisms, free of patents on seed varieties, and free to adapt as needed. We are all helping create a stronger local food system and a better future for our children.


Video: Alex Hitt & Sandi Kronick on the Community of Good Food

Farmer Alex Hitt and CEO of Eastern Carolina Organics Sandi Kronick talk about the importance of direct markets and the community that is built around good food in this new video produced by Farm Aid.