The good news is that have more tools at our disposal for tackling climate change than we often realize. In agriculture, farmers can develop and implement practices that sequester carbon, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and employ low-input methods. These and other innovative, time-tested approaches can contribute to solving the conundrum of climate change, as well as promoting sustainable livelihoods for farm families.

Earth Day: 5 Ways to Grow Our Way to a Better Future

For the sixth time, members of Congress in the Ag Appropriations Committee have blocked implementation of regulations to protect farmers through a backdoor measure. But this time, their infamous “GIPSA rider” barely passed in this House committee, as several long-time supporters voted against it. The staff at RAFI, our partners, and thousands of chicken and livestock farmers across the country will work together to get it out of the federal budget for 2017 before it becomes law in October of this year.

U.S. House Passes Anti-Farmer Amendment to 2017 Budget

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Request for Proposal for Spanish Language Services The Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA (RAFI-USA) is requesting proposals from translation providers that have extensive experience in providing English to Spanish, Spanish to […]

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